Marshall County
Resiliency Center

The Marshall County Resiliency Center provides free resources, long-term support, and healing to the Marshall County community and anyone impacted by the tragedy at Marshall County High School on January 23, 2018. 

It is also a place for victims of crime to receive support and free and confidential resources, and for community members to connect with others and build resiliency. 

“The impact of mass tragedy ripples through communities for years. The Resiliency Center will be a cornerstone in the recovery process for all.  But a collection of resilient individuals does not equal a resilient community.  Rather, it’s a resilient community that is best able to care for its individual members.”

– Kevin Becker, PsyD

Senior Partner, Organizational Resilience International, LLC

“When I was asked about the Coordinator position at the Marshall County Resiliency Center, something in my heart stirred.  I knew I could be empathetic for families that have lost their children to this type of trauma, because I am walking that path today.  I knew I wanted to be a part of this movement at the MHDCC.  Until now,  I just wasn’t sure how. I knew I had never been more driven, encouraged or determined to help, and that’s what I remain.

I’m humbled and hopeful for my future and the future of our community as I step into the shoes of being the Coordinator for this new Resiliency Center.”

– Jayna Burkey

Resiliency Center Coordinator

“As a district, we have seen the need for mental health and other support services increase over the past two years for students and their families.  The Resiliency Center will provide another access point for services for our families outside of the school environment and the school calendar.  This added access point will provide another layer of services that will help our community recover.”

– Scott Terry

Recovery Coordinator of Marshall County Schools

Our Services

Marshall County Resiliency Center offers these core services:

Free, onsite therapy services, therapeutic and peer support groups, community engagement events, and referrals. More services will be offered based on the needs and requests of the community. We welcome the community to reach out with their needs and ideas for additional services and programming. The Resiliency Center is open by appointment.

* All Services are Free of Charge

Advocacy, including Providing Resources & Connections to Community Partners
Community Events
Community Education on Trauma & Violence
Peer Support Groups
Therapy with Licensed Mental Health Professionals Trained in Trauma, Coping & Resiliency
Therapeutic Groups
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Additional Resources

Making that first connection to ask for help or resources can be daunting.

If you are not ready to reach out, browse through the resource links and list of our community partners below. Then, when you are ready, give us a call.


About the Resiliency Center

Marshall County Resiliency Center (MCRC) serves as a free and confidential resource that offers support and care to victims of crime residing in Kentucky’s Purchase Region.  The Center was developed to serve as a comprehensive place of healing to the community at large after the events of January 23, 2018 at Marshall County High School.

The center serves to meet the needs of the community by providing resources ​to help every individual reach their full potential. The center is a welcoming place where people feel comfortable connecting with others while finding appropriate services to assist in their journey to healing.

 Free onsite therapy services with qualified mental health professionals are offered along with community engagement events, therapeutic groups and peer support groups. In addition, we also partner with community ​organizations to offer other services such as spiritual care, advocacy, training, and legal aid.

The Resiliency Center was developed as a program of the Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center (MHDCC), which is committed to saving, building and changing lives of those affected by domestic violence. More broadly, the agency is committed to helping victims of crime heal, rebuild and transform. The program has been funded through the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet to serve the Marshall County community. All services of both the Resiliency Center and MHDCC are free.

Jayna Burkey

Resiliency Center Coordinator

Mary E. Foley, PsyD

Executive Director

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