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Merryman House is committed to saving, building and changing lives affected by domestic violence.

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About Merryman House Domestic Violence Center

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Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center is committed to improving the lives of those affected by domestic violence: women, men, and children. We are the only certified domestic violence program in the Purchase Area Development District serving Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Marshall, and McCracken counties.

Our campus includes a 36-bed emergency shelter, a central administration/counseling and dining area, and an outreach and counseling services building. We have been privileged to serve Paducah and the surrounding counties for nearly forty years.

It has been our mission, purpose, and passion to answer the calls for help, assist victims to find refuge from the risk of death and serious physical injury, provide food and shelter, support them in court, and help them become financially stable and visibly strong. 

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Are you, or someone you know, a victim of domestic violence?  If you or a loved one is fleeing a violent situation or is in immediate need of help, please call 270-443-6001 to ask if there is a vacancy in our emergency shelter. Trauma survivors and others seeking non-emergency services can also reach us at 270-443-6001 to learn about our outreach services or view our service offerings below.

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 We believe in a world where the needs of these survivors are openly addressed. We believe in a community-based system of support and encouragement system that meets the comprehensive advocacy and recovery needs required by these survivors to recover and live successful, empowered lives. Our successes are the combined efforts of people like you who say, “YES, I want to help!”

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Service provided in part or fully by federal, state, and local funds.

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Whether you are a survivor in need of support or a donor looking to join our mission, there is a place for you here!

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The Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center provides services free of charge to survivors of domestic violence and their dependents without regard to race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, religion, creed, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, uniformed services, political belief, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy or other health status, social or economic status, non-violent criminal history, citizenship, immigration status, marital status, or language spoken.


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