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Spiritual Enrichment Program

The Spiritual Enrichment Program is made possible through the support of the Carson-Myre Charitable Foundation, and is designed to address the individual’s spiritual aspects often negatively and profoundly affected by trauma. At the core of traumatic stress is often an inability of individuals to regulate their internal states or feel safe in the world around them. As such, congregational settings may induce fear, discomfort or shame. Likewise, practices such as prayer or quiet reflection may seem too vulnerable or difficult to try alone. Most of all, when people experience traumatic events, they often question their faith or God’s goodness and love. These crises of faith create critical opportunities for survivors to explore how to make sense of tragedy and discover the peace that passes their deepest understanding. The Spiritual Enrichment Program provides a safe place to ask questions, a firm foundation on which to grow, and conduit for connection with the greater faith community.

The MHDCC Spiritual Enrichment Team recognizes that just as we may serve survivors that would not immediately connect to a church for support, the Church may care for members that would never reach out to MHDCC for help. Our desire is to bridge the gap by offering specialized trainings to church leaders, teach leaders and members about how to identify and respond to abusive relationships, how to set a culture where disclosures of abuse are taken seriously, and how to support the work of the local churches in working with survivors within their congregations or communities.

Where Will You Find Your Place?

We are stronger together!

The MHDCC firmly believes there is a place for everyone in the ministry of justice to those who have been abused and oppressed. We recognize that the place we each take in this work may look different. Churches or groups who wish to partner with the MHDCC may do so in a variety of ways. We welcome Church Partners in the areas of transportation to congregational worship, on-site discipleship, donations of supplies, referral sources for clients to address deeper theological questions, and prayer partners to provide support through earnest prayer and intercession.

At Merryman House, we are saving lives because of the support you provide!

Please continue to support us as we support survivors of domestic violence.

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The Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center provides services free of charge to survivors of domestic violence and their dependents without regard to race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, religion, creed, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, uniformed services, political belief, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy or other health status, social or economic status, non-violent criminal history, citizenship, immigration status, marital status, or language spoken.


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