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Life-Building Services

Trauma is not healed in a day, but you have already done the hardest part – asking for help. And now, you are not alone. You can expect services that will build up what you will need to restore and restart your life, and you can expect us to advocate for you until you have the resources you need.

Our services fall into three categories: Saving Lives, Building Lives, and Changing Lives. Every client, residential or non-residential, is able to opt into the services they need. You set your goals, and we advocate for you and empower you to achieve them.

Many of our Life-Building Services are made possible through partnerships with the community. Each community partner supports us in different ways: Facilitating classes on campus, donating class materials or making financial contributions to our programs. If you would like to get involved as a community partner, please review our Get Involved page. There is a place for you!

The below is not a full list of services, but they are some of our most vital and valued by our former and current clients.

Mental Health Support

Merryman House’s on-site clinical team offers trauma survivors the mental health support they need to deal with the aftermath of their experiences. Clients receive treatment after getting referrals from our advocates.


Clients receive psychoeducation tailored to their specific situations. The Merryman House understands that domestic violence affects people in different ways, touching the mind, body, and spirit. We help guide clients through the healing process and then provide them with education to help break the cycle of abuse.

Support Groups

Merryman House support groups give clients opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings in safe environments. In addition to receiving counseling to address their own thoughts and emotions, clients are also provided guidance on how to help their children with any struggles they are facing. In addition to counseling, trauma-informed yoga is offered to boost survivors’ mental and physical health, and we host support groups for children to help them process their thoughts and emotions.

Comprehensive Case Management

Our staff looks at each client as an individual and assesses their situation as a whole. Merryman House case management addresses areas such as abuse history and safety needs, health and physical needs, emotional and psychological issues, legal problems, housing, financial issues, job readiness, educational needs, cultural needs, special needs, and more. Once the needs are identified, specialized advocates, case managers, or licensed professionals meet them on our campus.

Financial Literacy Classes/Economic Empowerment

Financial barriers are the number one reason victims stay with their abusers. Therefore, financial empowerment is one of the most important services we can provide to break the cycle of abuse. 

Children's Services

Clients want to provide safe and loving environments for their children, especially after escaping dangerous situations. The Merryman House offers stability and security for these families while also helping boys and girls heal from their own trauma. We host various programs for children and provide homework assistance, childcare, arts exposure, Christmas parties, and more. We also take them on special trips for fun activities—like plays at the Carson Center—to help enrich their childhoods.


Trauma survivors need jobs before they can rebuild their lives—and they need ways in which to get to those jobs. The Merryman House supplies them with bus passes and taxi fares, if necessary, and our staff provides transportation five days per week. If a client has a medical appointment, we refer them to the Green River Intra-county Transit System (GRITS), which helps supply transportation to the appointment. Medicaid covers the cost for all GRITS services.

Resource Connection and Referrals

Merryman House works with community partners Mountain Comprehensive Care and Kentucky Legal Aid to offer trauma survivors the best possible healthcare and legal services. We also refer clients to the following local providers for various resources:

List of Resources

Nurturing Brave Hearts Parenting Class

Do you know a family who could benefit from our Nurturing Brave Hearts Parent Education Program? Complete this form and return it to us by one of the methods listed on the top of the form.

Marshall County Resiliency Center

The MCRC is a program of the Merryman House that actively seeks to aid those impacted by the events on January 23, 2018 at Marshall County High School. Upon connecting with the MCRC, individuals will meet with an advocate to determine what services they may need: Therapy, education, support groups, expressive arts, spiritual enrichment, community referrals, or support around the Marshall County High School shooting trial. Services are free, voluntary, confidential, and open to all ages residing in the eight-county Purchase Region of Kentucky.

At Merryman House, we are building lives because of the support you provide!

Please continue to support us as we support survivors of domestic violence.

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The Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center provides services free of charge to survivors of domestic violence and their dependents without regard to race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, religion, creed, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, uniformed services, political belief, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy or other health status, social or economic status, non-violent criminal history, citizenship, immigration status, marital status, or language spoken.


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