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I must admit- I am a chocolate lover. There is something about a small taste of this dark gold that can make a tough day a bit more bearable. Over the weekend, I reached for my favorite brand. You know, the one with those sweet messages hidden just inside the wrapper? It read, “Take a moment for yourself.” Just like that. Permission to savor that minute and taste the sweetness of the moment. Of course, I obliged. I have been working with survivors of interpersonal crimes since 2005. And, one thing I know for sure- many times, their lives have had horribly bitter moments- not sweet ones. I joined the Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center’s team as their Executive Director in 2012. And, I had my eyes opened even further to the harsh realities many individuals face. You see, for survivors of domestic violence, there is rarely “permission” to “take a moment” for themselves. No, their moments are often controlled by someone else, threatened by the unpredictable or wrapped in anything but sweetness. I have seen firsthand, the tears shed by those blackened eyes and bruised souls. They have endured sexual assaults, battering and psychological abuse that is unspeakable. As a result, they have lived in silent prisons- ones with very real bars- though rarely visible to the naked eye. My hope for this blog is that it becomes a forum from which to share real stories of hope, and a place where you, the reader, become educated on the issue of domestic violence. I hope that you learn as you read. I hope that you are inspired as...

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